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Michael S. Janoff
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Michael S. Janoff has directed and conducted research for the National Academy of Sciences, the USDOT, state transportation agencies, consulting firms, A and E firms, manufacturers, attorneys and police departments. He provides expert witness services to attorneys and insurance companies in both civil and criminal matters. His areas of expertise include performance of and standards for street and vehicular lighting, effect of lighting on safety, visibility provided by lighting, visibility and performance of signals, visibility in adverse environments, conspicuity, and driver and pedestrian safety and performance. He has authored more than 140 journal papers and reports and given numerous presentations at professional meetings.

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Co-Authors: Robert E. Dewar PH.D., CPE, Paul L. Olson Ph.D.   Contributors: Jeff K. Caird Ph.D., Gerson J. Alexander, Paul Green Ph.D., Ralph Norman Haber Ph.D., Lyn Haber Ph.D., Peter Hancock, Fred R. Hanscom P.E., C. Alan Hopewell Ph.D., Michael S. Janoff, Herbert Moskowitz Ph.D., Alison Smiley Ph.D., Sue McNeil
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ISBN: 978-1-933264-24-0
Publisher: Lawyers & Judges Publishing Company
Pages: 549
Binding Information: softbound 
Size: 8.5 X 11 Inches (US)
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This book introduces you to the behavior of the road user. Driver limitations and driver or pedestrian error are the major factors in traffic accidents, contributing to about 90% of roadway crashes. Driver behavior, however, is often the most complex and yet least understood element in the roadway system. A wide variety of perspectives on human factors and driver behavior are covered ranging from the design of roads, vehicles and traffic control devices to emotional and motivational determinants of driver behavior. Many traffic safety experts have contributed to this book in order to give you a comprehensive introduction to human factors as it pertains to driver and pedestrian behavior and traffic safety. This new edition has been extensively revised, and contains new chapters on driver education and driver distraction. If you are involved with accident investigation or the promotion of traffic safety in any capacity, this book is an essential part of your library.Click on the book title for more information


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