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Leslie Weintraub
Short Biography: 

Leslie Weintraub, O.D. is a graduate of Cornell University and the University of Houston College of Optometry. She is currently in private practice in Tucson, Arizona as a medical optometrist with an emphasis in pathology.

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Co-Authors: Kenneth S. Obenski PE, Paul F. Hill Esq., Eric S. Shapiro A.S.E., Jack C. Debes Ph.D.   Contributors: Bernard S. Abrams O.D., Leslie Weintraub O.D.
Product Code:
ISBN: 978-1-933264-98-1
Publisher: Lawyers & Judges Publishing Company
Pages: 416
Binding Information: casebound 
Size: 8.5 X 11
Availability: In stock.
Price: $99.00

This book details the mechanics of riding a motorcycle and motorcycle performance. Rider safety considerations and human factors issues such as conspicuity, evasive action, warning to the rider, and rider experience and training are discussed in detail. Quasi-motorcycles are compared and contrasted with standard motorcycles to acquaint the reader with their similarities and differences. Techniques and methods for reconstructing motorcycle accidents are covered in detail and a wide variety of example cases are given. Legal issues of motorcycle use are explained with extensive case studies and examples and include topics such as helmet laws, negligence, laws governing accidents, warnings, roadway defects, motorcycle defects, injury to passengers, and Dram Shop liability in DUI cases. This edition includes accident cause factors and identification of countermeasures, commonly known as “The Hurt Report,” on CD-ROM.


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