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Leslie Weintraub
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Leslie Weintraub, O.D., is a graduate of Cornell University School of Business and the University of Houston College of Optometry. She is currently in private practice in Tucson, Arizona as a medical optometrist with an emphasis in pathology.

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Author: Marc Green Ph.D.   Co-Authors: Merrill J. Allen O.D., Ph.D., Bernard S. Abrams O.D., Leslie Weintraub O.D.   Contributor: J. Vernon Odom Ph.D.
Product Code:
ISBN: 978-1-933264-54-7
Publisher: Lawyers & Judges Publishing Company
Pages: 512
Binding Information: casebound 
Size: 7 X 10
Availability: In stock.
Price: $129.00

Forensic Vision: with Application to Highway Safety is your reference for accident cases with a vision component. While it does have a focus on the roadway environment, it is primarily about vision and the visual science that applies to analyzing all types of transportation accidents and non-transportation accidents such as auto accidents, pedestrian accidents, falls, medical errors, warnings, eyewitness identification, and more.

This new edition is divided into four sections for ease of use. The first three are: Basic Vision—the operation of normal vision; Clinical Vision—impairments of vision due to disease and aging; and Roadway Vision—factors affecting vision in the roadway environment. They cover the scientific aspects, including scientific background information and experimental and investigation design and methodology. You will also find this book to be practical in nature. The fourth section, Forensic Vision — application of the preceding material to accident analysis — and the "Forensic Vision Tool Kit" present extensive information on analyzing accident scenarios involving visibility as well as tips for use of pictorial evidence in the courtroom, techniques for testifying about vision in court, and more. It is filled with practical advice for professionals working on vision cases, and includes seven appendices with additional helpful information.

This book is also available as an eBook. Click here to purchase and download Forensic Vision: With Application to Highway Safety, Third Edition


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