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Barry K. Logan
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Barry K. Logan, Ph.D., DABFT. Director, Forensic Laboratory Services Bureau, Washington State; toxicologist, Washington State Patrol.

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Drug use is at least as long-standing as recorded history. As predicted in the first edition of Medical-Legal Aspects of Drugs, drug use continues to be a problem but there have been significant changes. Drugs of choice and use trends have changed and new issues have surfaced. Drug options have expanded with the discovery and re-discoveries of intoxicating plant materials and the development of new compounds in both legal and illegal laboratories. Medical-Legal Aspects of Drugs addresses the challenge of this dynamic and pervasive problem with accurate, cutting-edge information from acknowledged experts. You will learn about diverse drug topics including illegal drugs, prescription drugs, drug use in the workplace or school, doping by athletes, and drug use and criminal activity. The contributors to Medical-Legal Aspects of Drugs offer an international, as well as an American perspective, and much of their knowledge is currently available as written materials only in this text. Click on the book title for more information


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