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Snowmobile and ATV Accident Investigatio
Snowmobile and ATV Accident Investigation and Reconstruction, Second Edition
Author: Richard Hermance ACTAR   Contributors: Leon Kazarian, Randy Shively, Marlissa Kazarian, David B. Spiegler CCM, Norman J. Macdonald
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Copyright Date Ed: 
October 1, 2006
Binding Information: casebound 
6 X 9 Inches (US)
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Table Of Contents:

The increased popularity of snowmobile and ATV use in recent years has resulted in a rise in related accidents and injuries. Reconstruction of these types of accidents poses a unique challenge due to their nature and the lack of data available to investigators. This new edition of a groundbreaking text is the most complete of its kind in the area of snowmobile and ATV accident reconstruction and litigation.

You'll find detailed reference material covering the technical aspects of snowmobile ....

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Review By: Gary Homuth,    Bureau of Law Enforcement, Madison, WI - January 1, 1995

An excellent reference for the state or provincial official responsible for the administration of snowmobile trail systems, education, and law enforcement. The latter part of the book, which deals with snowmobile accident investigation and reconstruction, provides new and useful guidance to the administrator dealing with civil and criminal litigation as well as issued of liability exposure.

Review By: George Harak,   Accident Reconstruction Expert, Bayville, NJ - January 1, 1995

A real asset to the reconstruction expert involved with snowmobile accident reconstruction and/or investigation.

Review By: Hon. Wayne Lonstein, Esq.,   Ellenville, NY - January 1, 1996

An excellent reference and educational tool for any attorney or law firm dealing with litigation involving snowmobile matters.

Review By: Fred Putnam, Jr.,   Recreational Specialist, Green Mountain National Forest, VT - January 1, 1996

Every administrator, individual or organization who constructs, maintains, and /or manages snowmobile trails need this kind of information. Concerns over safety and recreational liability make this information exceedingly important.

Review By: Trooper William L. Johnson,   Vermont State Police Safety Program - January 5, 1996

An excellent reference and educational tool for any attorney or law firm dealing with litigation involving snowmobile matters.

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