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Forensic Astronomy: Recent Discoveries in Astronomy

Forensic Astronomy: Recent Discoveries in Astronomy

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  • Author: Fred M. Johnson Ph.D
  • ISBN 13: 978-1-936360-84-0
  • Copyright Date Ed:  5/3/2023 2nd printing
  • Pages: 128
  • Binding Information: Softcover
  • Size: 8.5 ✕ 11 Inches (US)

A number of important celestial phenomena are presently misinterpreted in Astronomy. These include dark matter, dark energy, Black Holes, the Big Bang, and
the origin of solar systems. 
This is an impressive list of misinterpretations which can all be shown to arise from either neglecting laws of physics or their incorrect usage. “Forensic Astronomy” will provide you with alternative explanations which are simple, straightforward and follow a logical order. In fact, the aim of this book is multifaceted. Here is an overview of its main goals: To educate the public on some of the more recent solar and planetary developments. To show that the universe underwent a large variety of processes, prior to the development of mankind. All developments presumably required a sequence of multiple, complex, evolutionary steps, which were well-timed and executed. Similar solar system developments are presumably in progress throughout our galaxy and very likely, throughout our visible universe, at various evolutionary stages. To discuss mankind’s place in the Universe. To rectify some of the (erroneous) baffling concepts and theories that have unfortunately crept their way into astronomy. To point out the most critically neglected concepts of physics : the Second Law of Thermodynamics, the conservation of angular momentum, and the fact that all matter in the universe is not necessarily electrically neutral”

Table of Contents

Forensic Astronomy

Chapter 1: Planetary Core Sizes, their Energy Flux Relationship, and
its Implications 

Chapter 2: A Modern Theory of our Sun 

Chapter 3: The Earth 

Chapter 4: Solar System Development

Chapter 5: Life, Energy, and the Interstellar Medium

Chapter 6:  The solution to a unique spectroscopic enigma

Chapter 7: Quasars 

Chapter 8: The Big Bang Hypothesis and its Correct Solution 

Chapter 9: Supernovas and Pulsars 

Chapter 10: Galaxies 

Chapter 11: A Modern Overview of Stellar & Galactic Evolution Scenarios

Chapter 12: Venus & Global Warming 

Chapter 13: Conclusions 

Chapter 14: Definitions 


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