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Advanced Civil Forensic Investigations PDF eBook

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  • Author: Paul J. Ciolino; Editor: Grace Elting Castle; Contributors: John Brumfield, Robert L. Parke, Rodney V. Williams, Monica Ziebell, Thomas K. Crowley, Cam Cope, Steve Irwin, Joseph M. Moura, Elmars "Al" Petritis, André Stuart, Robert H. Joseph, Thomas J. Cashio, Francis D. "Frank" Ritter, James W. Harbert, Charles W. Morris, Ivan Federoff, Alan Hart, Lynne Curtis, Bill C. Price, Sally Arlington, Steven L. Kirby, Laura Ferguson, Richard Emmich, Karen Kirby-Hall, Joseph B. Laski, Kalman A. Baronson, Kitty Hailey, Don C. Johnson, Jane Cracraft, John R. Schatzman, Lynn Wilson-Marks, Cliff Carpenter, Jr., Kal Barson
  • Copyright Date Ed:  April 02, 1997
  • PDF eBook

An easy-to-understand, instructive work that will assist both the professional and the amateur. Ever wonder how civil litigators gather all those facts to convince a jury to award millions of dollars? Or perhaps you have wondered how they identify a successful theory of defense against the allegations of a civil lawsuit. The answer is simple: They hire a professional investigator. Now--in the first book of its kind ever published--Ciolino and Castle have drawn on the expertise of the nation's leading legal investigators. This profession's universal beliefs are that justice must prevail, that in the sharing of information lies the key to ethical behavior and professionalism, and that the winning is in the doing. This ideology is what brought this group of thirty-seven authors together. Each is an expert in his or her chosen specialty.

Together they have written the definitive book for those seeking education beyond the basics of legal investigation. Instantly access the most advanced techniques and knowledge of these investigators who have taken their craft beyond the norm.


  • Car accident investigation
  • Computer animation in reconstruction
  • Investigating the expert witness
  • Legal malpractice investigations
  • Machine guard accidents
  • Maritime investigation
  • Medical malpractice investigations
  • Preparing evidence for trial
  • Probate investigations
  • Rollover accidents
  • Scaffolding investigations
  • Staged traffic accidents
  • Stairwell slip-and-fall investigations
  • Hazardous waste site investigations

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