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Advanced Forensic Criminal Defense Investigations PDF eBook

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  • Editor: Grace Elting Castle; Contributors: James W. Harbert, Alan Hart, Steven L. Kirby, Kitty Hailey, Don C. Johnson, Cliff Carpenter, Jr., Steve Cain, George Michael Newman, H. Ellis Armistead
  • ISBN 10: 0-913875-55-4
  • ISBN 13: 978-0-913875-55-1
  • Copyright Date Ed:  July 10, 2000
  • Pages: 322
  • PDF eBook


Written by veteran investigators known for their professional expertise, this book is packed with information on every aspect of the criminal forensic investigation. Whether you represent the defense or prosecution, this is the ideal resource to consult when working with an investigator. What avenues or possible leads have not been considered? What new techniques are being employed for the other side?

How can you implement or challenge these new technical advances in medicocriminal entomology, GSR tests, or voice identification? For example, what's the difference between an atomic absorption GSR test and and a scanning electron microscope test? How does blowback challenge the threshold levels for GSR established by crime labs? Why do some workers, like plumbers and electricians, lend themselves to incriminating GSR tests?

Conducting thorough background checks often leads to the tip which cracks the case. However, do you adequately know the background of your expert? Do you know how to prevent unwelcome surprises in the courtroom regarding your own expert's credibility? Similarly, establishing a comfortable and productive rapport when investigating the backgrounds of potential informants and witnesses in various cases including white-collar crime is also discussed. Investigating a case yourself? What possible defense strategies should be considered?

Chapter 15, Homicide Defense Investigations, offers advice on the classic and alternative defenses usually used in trial. What about the defendant accused of sexual assault? Mentally handicapped defendants? All this and more are treated to an in-depth analysis to help decipher even the most complex of cases.

This book details case examples and many sample interview questions to ask various experts when soliciting critical information.


Topics Covered

  • Analyzing, interpreting and using discovery materials
  • "Bagging the lie"
  • The investigator and high profile media cases
  • Voice identification
  • Backgrounding the participants
  • A guide to gunshot residue analysis
  • Medicocriminal entomology
  • Mental retardation and the death penalty--the investigative challenge
  • Keeping the expert honest
  • Making an offer they can't refuse: Investigation strategy for white collar crime and organized crime defendants
  • Defending the juvenile in sexual assault cases Investigating for the defense of those accused of child sexual abuse
  • Homicide defense investigations
  • Suicide determination in equivocal death investigation
  • Criminal aspects of domestic investigations.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Analyzing, Interpreting and Using Discovery Materials

Chapter 2: "Bagging the Lie"

Chapter 3: The Investigator and High Profile Media Cases

Chapter 4: Voice Identification

Chapter 5: Backgrounding the Participants

Chapter 6: A Guide to Gunshot Residue Analysis

Chapter 7; Medicocriminal Entomology

Chapter 8: Keeping the Expert Honest

Chapter 9: Mental Retardation and the Death Penalty--The Investigative Challenge

Chapter 10: Making an Offer They Can't Refuse: Investigation Strategy for White Collar Crime and Organized Crime Defendants

Chapter 11: Defending the Juvenile in Sexual Assault Cases

Chapter 12: Investigating for the Defense of Those Accused of Child Sexual Abuse

Chapter 13: Homicide Defense Investigations

Chapter 14: Suicide Determination in an Equivocal Death Investigation

Chapter 15: Criminal Aspects of Domestic Investigations

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