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An Insider's Guide to Getting into Medical School PDF eBook

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  • Author: Dr. X
  • ISBN 10: 1-930056-11-7
  • ISBN 13: 978-1-930056-11-4
  • Copyright Date Ed:  July 18, 2005
  • Pages: 212
  • PDF eBook

This is an excellent new reference for anyone who wishes to go into the medical field. You will be guided through the application process starting in undergraduate level or before, to increase the chance of the successful outcome of being accepted to medical school. If you are a nontraditional and/or minority applicant you will benefit from chapters devoted strictly to your situation and how you might maximize your chance of being accepted. Its discussion of the Americans with Disabilities act and how it affects admission and how to deal with questions about your disability will be of value to you if you are disabled. You will benefit from the section entitled “An Insider’s View of the Admission Selection Process", written from the perspective of admissions committees, admissions officers, and interviewers. This section will give you a basic sense of what these professionals look for when screening and accepting or rejecting applicants.

You will start with a general overview of the selection process, and then proceed to critical undergraduate courses, categories of volunteer work considered helpful, and how to prepare for the MCAT examination. You will then be advised on the typical admission requirements and application and submission processes common to most medical schools, selection of schools for application, and pros and cons of transfer and early decision programs. You are also provided with extensive information on obtaining quality letters of recommendation and writing an excellent personal statement, both important parts of the process. You are also advised on the interview process, including what might be expected during the interview, appropriate sample questions and answers for student and interviewer, dress, and behavior. This chapter also covers inappropriate, unethical, or illegal questions or requests and how to answer and handle them. You will also learn about the fifteen common errors made by medical school applicants, and are given samples of necessary documents such as letters of recommendation. It is hoped that the information in this book will help you attain a successful result, but if you are rejected you are given guidance in this area as well. You are given suggestions on topics such as re-evaluating career goals, evaluating your application process, ways to improve you application, other health care professions as potential careers, and applying to foreign medical schools.

This book is an important, useful and beneficial reference for you at all levels of your education, your family and friends, and others involved in this process such as high school, junior college and university professors, instructors and academic advisors working with pre-med and science majors and other potential medical students, other career councelors and coaches in both the public and private sectors, medical practitioners and researchers working with potential medical students. It is also valuable for school and public library education and career counseling sections.

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