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Code of Professional Conduct, Third Edition PDF eBook

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  • Author: Kitty Hailey
  • Copyright Date Ed:  December 1, 2015
  • PDF eBook

This is the third edition of the first codification of ethical standards for professional private investigators. Originally based upon existing codes of various state, national and international organizations, The Code has now expanded to include state of the art accepted practices and procedures. The investigator’s world is not static. States differ as to their regulations. Laws change daily. The investigator is affected by technology, legal codes and accepted ethical standards. The burden falls upon the investigator to be reasonably current with these changing trends. The Code seeks to act as a guide in this fluctuating world. The motto, Do No Harm is the basis for this writing. It clarifies and simplifies the manner in which investigators can interact with members of the public and within their own ranks. The profession demands that the most diligent, honest, and professional conduct be afforded those who pay for the services of the investigator. This third edition has honed the manner in which this is best accomplished.

The Code is a resource for the investigators office. It is a “go to” book and a training manual. While it might not answer all the questions it is a guidebook and a tool to be used to maintain high standards. The Code is also recommended to attorneys using the services of a professional investigator. Any business or individual hiring an investigator can use The Code to enhance the process.

If ever there was a bible for the investigative profession; this is it.

Table of Contents




Preamble and Scope

Summary of the Rules of Professional Conduct

The Code of Professional Conduct



Subject Guide to the Code of Professional Conduct

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