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Handling the Dangerous Suspect: Tactical Training for Officer Safety DVD - Lawyers & Judges Publishing Company, Inc.

Handling the Dangerous Suspect: Tactical Training for Officer Safety DVD

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Handling the Dangerous Suspect provides proven apprehension tactics that have been used by law enforcement personnel for over twenty-three years! The authors have thirty years experience with various styles of martial arts and hold instructor rankings in six styles, as well as instructor rankings in various law enforcement defense areas. They have practiced, developed and taught their self-defense techniques to law enforcement, security and corrections departments, the military and many other public and private sector organizations. Their martial arts based techniques will help you learn to handle dangerous suspects in a professional, effective manner with less risk to you and/ or your partner. They cover a wide range of topics and defense situations including: establishing ranges; defending against punches, kicks, head butts, elbow and knee strikes; gaining inside control; take downs; submission locks; cuffing procedures; and defense against suspects armed with knives.

The authors have also include an outline for teaching an 8-hour law enforcement continuing education course. This course includes information on use of force in law enforcement and prison situations and handouts with written descriptions and still photographs of many of the techniques demonstrated in the video. This information is available in PDF format as a DVD-ROM feature on the disk and will be invaluable to instructors using this material.

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