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Kansas DUI Defense: The Law and Practice with DVD

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  • Author: Jay Norton, Leslie F. Hulnick, James Nesci
  • ISBN 13: 978-1-936360-65-9
  • Copyright Date Ed:  05/30/2022
  • Pages: 464
  • Binding Information:  Casebound plus DVD-ROM
  • Size: 8.5 ✕ 11 Inches (US)

For even the most seasoned attorney admitted to practice in the state of Kansas, defending DUI cases has always presented special challenges. Today mounting a successful defense is more difficult than ever. Now you have the advantage with Kansas DUI Defense: The Law and Practice. This text and supplementary DVD contains the most important information to help you attain a successful verdict.

Written by Jay Norton, Leslie Hulnick, and James Nesci, Kansas DUI Defense: The Law and Practice ensures that you understand the chemical, biological and technological concepts and issues underlying DUI prosecution and defense in the State of Kansas. The authors provide the most up-to-date information available on key areas of DUI law in Kansas including: DUI investigations, Field Sobriety Testing, Drug Recognition Evaluation, Blood and Breath Testing, Blood Alcohol Calculations, Pre-Trial Motions and Practice, Trial Practice, Sentencing and Probation, and much, much more!

for law practice, newly developed science and technology for testing blood and other substances to include liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry, the new Kansas breath test protocol, field sobriety testing (2013 and 2015 SFST Manuals), blood and breath testing uncertainty, boating under the influence and related offenses, the most current Kansas statutory law, and much more, making this text the single most important book to have with you during all phases of a DUI case, from the initial client call to your office to the conclusion of the trial phase.

Many practical tips and text notes are included throughout the book to assist the attorney in preparing and presenting an effective defense. Included on the bonus DVD are practice forms and motions specifically keyed to Kansas law that will greatly assist the busy defense attorney. They are all included on the bonus DVD so you can locate, review, and print them out in a matter of seconds. The bonus DVD icontains all new material, including the NHTSA 2013 and 2015 SFST and DRE Manuals, studies, articles, and visual detection videos.

Included are the NHTSA Student and Instructor Manuals for 2013 & 2015, the DRE pre-School & DRE School Manuals, and the ARIDE for 2013—the latest edition from NHTSA! Some vendors sell these together for $400 or more. They are all included on the DVD at no extra charge!

Lawyers & Judges has published twenty-one state-specific DUI defense reference books. A practitioner in Colorado raved in the Colorado Lawyer that Colorado DUI Defense: The Law and Practice is “a must-have resource” and would make “a nice gift for the lawyers in your life who practice DUI defense.” The Wisconsin Lawyer reviewer gave Wisconsin OWI Defense: The Law and Practice a touchdown review, calling the book “the best book I have read pertaining to Wisconsin operating-while-intoxicated (OWI) law, and one of the best in dealing with the substance of OWI law.”

Book Chapter Topics Include:
  • Chapter 1: Lawyer Advertising
  • Chapter 2: Basic Client Relations
  • Chapter 3: Collateral Consequences
  • Chapter 4: Driver License Actions Kansas Department of Revenue
  • Chapter 5: Driving, Boating & Flying Under the Influence
  • Chapter 6: Pre-Trial Investigations
  • Chapter 7: Pre-Trial Motion Practice
  • Chapter 8: Jury Selection, trial, Sentencing and Plea Deals
  • Chapter 9: Police DUI Investigations: Driving, Boating, and Field Sobriety Testing
  • Chapter 10: Drug Recognition Evaluation
  • Chapter 11: Breath Testing for Alcohol
  • Chapter 12: Blood & Urine Testing for Alcohol and Drugs
  • Chapter 13: Blood Alcohol Calculations for Attorneys

Detail Topics List by Chapter

Table of Cases
How to Use this Book
Chapter 1 Lawyer Advertising
1.1 Ethical Issues in Advertising
KRPC 7.1 Communications concerning a lawyer’s services
KRPC 7.2 Advertising
KRPC 7.3 Direct contact with prospective clients
KRPC 7.4 Communication of fields of practice
KRPC7.5 Firm names and letterheads
1.2 Advertising Resources
A. Phone Book Advertising
B. Internet Advertising
C. Giveaways
D. Television and Radio
E. Print
1.3 Social Media
A. Ethical Concerns
B. Confidentiality vs. Privilege
C. The 3 Tenets of Social Media: Timeliness, Honesty, and Transparency
D. Facebook
E. Twitter
F. Social Media as a Research Tool
G. Final Thoughts on Social Media
Chapter 2 Basic Client Relations
2.1 Meeting the Prospective Client
2.2 Client Intake Questions
2.3 Client Intake Interview
2.4 Fee Agreements
2.5 Fees
2.6 Trust Accounts
2.7 Communication
2.8 Client File Retention
Chapter 3 Collateral Consequences
3.1 Canadian Travel
3.2 Military Personnel
A. Overview and Applicable Law
B. Jurisdiction
C. On Base/Military
D. Non-Judicial Punishment
E. Federal Prosecution
F. Double Jeopardy
G. Court Martial
H. Off-Base/Civilian and Military Punishments
I. Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome
J. Summary
3.3 Pilots
3.4 Merchant Mariners
3.5 Immigration and Deportation
A. The Attorney’s Obligation
B. Federal Law
C. Crimes of Moral Turpitude
3.6 Healthcare Workers
Appendix 3.1 Overcoming Criminal Inadmissibility to Canada
Chapter 4 Driver’s License Actions Kansas Department of Revenue
4.1 Overview
4.2 The “Testing Notices” Form (DC-70)
4.3 Officer's Certification and Notice of Suspension (DC-27)
4.4 Rescission of a Refusal
4.5 Right to Attorney Prior to Taking Chemical Test
4.6 Requesting Testing and Certifying a Test Failure or Refusal
4.7 Administrative Hearing Request
4.8 The Administrative Hearing
4.9 Time Computations
4.10 Judicial Review of an Administrative Hearing
4.11 Reinstatement
4.12 Minors
4.13 Suspension for Out-of-State Violations
4.14 Interstate Compact
4.15 Commercial Driver License Disqualifications
4.16 Commercial Driver License Notification Requirements
4.17 Federal Commercial Driver License Considerations
4.18 Ignition Interlock Devices
4.19 Reading a Motor Vehicle Record (MVR)
4.20 Mandatory Revocation of Driver’s License
Chapter 5 Driving, Boating, & Flying Under the Influence
5.1 Misdemeanor DUI: Major Changes
5.2 Commercial DUI
5.3 Prior Offenses
5.4 Consent to Testing
5.5 Ignition Interlock Devices
5.6 Endangering a Child
5.7 Homicide
5.8 Aggravated Battery
5.9 Minor Driving With Alcohol in the Body
5.10 Boating Under the Influence
5.11 Flying an Aircraft Under the Influence
5.12 Sentencing, Probation and Restitution
5.13 Federal Misdemeanor DUI
5.14 Federal Court Jurisdiction
Chapter 6 Pre-Trial Investigations
6.1 Overview
6.2 Proper Filing Techniques
6.3 Selecting and Using Private Investigator
6.4 Visiting the Scene
6.5 Photography and Videos
6.6 Diagrams, Aerial and Drone Photography
6.7 Accident Reconstruction
6.8 Event Data Recorders (Black Boxes)
6.9 Speed, Time and Distance Calculations
6.10 Roadblock (a.k.a. “DUI Checkpoint”) Investigations
6.11 Police Radio Codes
6.12 Pre-Trial Interviews
Appendix 6.1 An Attorney’s Guide to Accident Investigation
Chapter 7 Pre-Trial Motions Practice
7.1 Overview
7.2 Procedural Motions
7.3 Substantive Motions
7.4 Motions in Limine
7.5 Evidentiary Hearings
Chapter 8 Jury Selection, Trial, Sentencing, and Plea Deals
8.1 Overview: Jury Trials
8.2 Jury Selection
A. The Jury Insight Project
B. Voir Dire
C. Jury Instructions
8.3 Opening Statements
8.4 Confronting the Prosecution’s Case
A. Cross-Examination: Police Officers
B. Cross-Examination: Victims
C. Cross-Examination: State’s Expert Witness
8.5 Presenting The Defense Case
A. Direct Examination of the accused
B. Direct Examination of the Passenger(s)
C. Choosing the Defense Expert Witness
D. Preparing the Defense Expert
E. Direct Examination of the Defense Expert Witness
F. Notice Requirements and Disclosure
E. Presenting the State’s Expert as a Defense Witness
8.6 Closing Argument
A. Words and Inferences
B. Reasonable Doubt
C. Power Point Closing Argument
D. Surrebuttal Argument
8.7 Sentencing
A. The Four Reasons for Sentencing
B. Mitigation
C. House Arrest
D. Letters to the judge
E. Prior Offenses
F. Pre-Sentence Investigation (PSI)
8.8 Plea Offers
A. Overview
B. Duty to Communicate Plea Offer
C. Waiver of Rights at a Plea Hearing
D. Exposure of Prior Offenses Advisement
E. Subsequent Offenses Advisement
F. Out of State, Timing, and Juvenile Prior Offenses Advisement
G. Misdemeanor Plea Offers
H. Felony Plea Offers
Chapter 9 Police DUI Investigations: Driving, Boating, and Field Sobriety Testing
9.1 Introduction
9.2 Driving Behavior
9.3 Standardized Field Sobriety Testing (SFST)—Six Validation Studies
9.4 Standardized Field Sobriety Test Battery
9.5 Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus (HGN)
9.6 Walk and Turn
9.7 One-Leg-Stand
9.8 Commonly Used Non-Standardized/Non-Validated Field Sobriety Tests
9.9 Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement (ARIDE)
9.10 Field Sobriety Testing in the Marine Environment
9.11Video Recording the Driving and Investigation
Appendix 9.1 The Aging Process and Field Sobriety Tests
Appendix 9.2 DWI: Modern Day Salem Witch Hunts
Appendix 9.3 Fear and the DWI Field Sobriety Tests
Appendix 9.4 The Fallacy of the Police Administered ‘Finger to Nose’ Test to Determine Alcoholic Sobriety
Chapter 10 Drug Evaluation Classification Protocols
10.1 Overview
10.2 DRE Nationwide Law Comparison
10.3 DRE Admissibility Case Law
10.4 The 12-Step DRE Protocol
10.5 Deconstruction and Analysis of the 12-Step DRE Protocol
10.6 Effects of Various Drugs
10.7 Drug Evaluation Classification Protocol (DECP) Training Program
10.8 Kansas DUI-Drugs Statute
Chapter 11 Breath Testing for Alcohol
11.1 Henry’s Law and the Blood-to-Breath Ratio
11.2 Federal Register
11.3 Preliminary Breath Testing
A. Statutory Law on Preliminary Breath Testing
B. PBT Safeguards
C. Common Portable Breath Testing Devices
11.4 Evidential Breath Testing
11.5 Infrared Light Absorption
11.6 Basic Operation
11.7 Intoxilyzer® Test Sequence, Calibration Checks & Sample Capture
A. Test Sequence
B. Concurrent Calibration Checks
C. Sample Capture
11.9 Breath Testing: Methods of Attack
A. Device-based Attacks
B. Operator-based Attacks
C. Subject-based Attacks
11.10 Calibration Checks: Wet-Bath & Dry-Gas
A. Federal Register
B. Wet-bath Simulators
C. Dry-gas Standards
11.11 Requirements for Admissibility of Breath Test Results
Chapter 12 Blood & Urine Testing for Alcohol & Drugs
12.1 Phlebotomy: From the Vein to the Lab
A. Overview
B. Who can draw blood?
C. The blood kit
D. Blood tube recall notices
E. Storage of the unused blood kit
F. Health issues and allergies
G. Proper site selection
H. Subject positioning
I. Site cleansing
J. The blood draw
K. Tube inversion
L. Chain of custody and proper handling of the specimens
M. Preparation of the blood sample for alcohol analysis
12.2 Headspace Gas Chromatography—Blood Alcohol Analysis
A. Chromatography is a separation science
B. The GC Column
C. Separation of volatile substances, retention times and column maintenance
D. Flame Ionization Detector
E. The computer program calculates BAC
F. Co-Elution and Mixed Standards
G. Fronting and Tailing—Asymmetry Factors
H. Contamination: The Dirty Little Secret
I. Gas Flow Issues
J. Software Issues
12.3 Hospital Blood Analysis for Alcohol
12.4 Uncertainty of Measurement
A. Metrology Simplified
B. The Kansas Bureau of Investigation Uncertainty Budget
12.5 Blood Testing for Drugs: Common Issues and Procedures
A. Analyst Qualifications and Permitting
B. The Two-Step Testing Process
C. Chain of Custody
D. ELISA—Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay
12.6 Blood Testing for Drugs other than THC: LCMS
A. LCMS: How it works
B. Electron Multiplier/Detector
C. How to Read LCMS Chromatograms
12.7 Blood and Urine: Handling and Preparation for THC Testing
A. Blood vs. Urine
B. The First Step: Sample Collection (Blood and Urine)
C. The Urine Collection Kit
D. Proper handling of the urine specimen
E. Transportation and Storage
F. Chain of Custody
G. Urine Sample Preparation: Extraction & Derivatization
H. Urinalysis Application in Arizona
12.8 GCMS Analysis for THC in Urine and Blood
A. Preparation of the Sample
B. Internal Standard
C. Trimethylsilyliation
D. Mass-Spectrometry
E. How to Read the Internal Standard (THC-d3) Data
F. How to Read the Target Ion (THC) Data
G. Total Ion Count vs. Selective Ion Monitoring
12.9 Blood Draws: Statutory Admissibility, Sample Preservation and Independent Testing
12.10 Secondary Blood Testing
Chapter 13 Blood Alcohol Calculations for Attorneys
13.1 Overview: Blood Alcohol Calculations for Attorneys
13.2 Determining the One-Drink Potential
13.3 Elimination and Retrograde Extrapolation
13.4 White’s Retrograde Extrapolation
13.5 Partition Ratio Conversions
13.6 Serum and Plasma Conversions
13.7 Unit of Measure Conversions
13.8 Temperature Conversions


DVD-ROM topics include:

DVD Table of Contents
ARIDE Folder
ARIDE Training Manuals (sub-folder)
2007 ARIDE Course Manual
2013 ARIDE Instructor Guide
2013 ARIDE Participant Manual
2018 ARIDE Instructor Guide
2018 ARIDE Participant Manual
ARIDE Training Power Point Files (sub-folder)
ARIDE Instructor Guide Session 1
ARIDE Instructor Guide Session 2
ARIDE Instructor Guide Session 3
ARIDE Instructor Guide Session 4
ARIDE Instructor Guide Session 5
ARIDE Instructor Guide Session 6
ARIDE Instructor Guide Session 7
ARIDE Instructor Guide Session 8
ARIDE SFST Training Videos (sub-folder)
ARIDE HGN Training Video
ARIDE One-Leg-Stand Training Video
ARIDE Walk-and-Turn Training Video
BD Vacutainer Recall Folder
1. Genuine Recall Notices (sub-folder)
BD Certificate of Compliance, August 22, 2018
BD Vacutainer Recall Letter, May 30, 2019
BD Amended Recall Notice, June 12, 2019
SIRCHIE BD Recall Notice, June 17, 2019
BD Gold-Top SST Recall Notice, PAS-A8-1146-FA
2. Fraudulent Recall Notices (sub-folder)
2. Fraudulent BD Vacutainer Recall Notice
3. BD Statement Fraudulent Recall Notice
Cliniqa Documents Folder
Cliniqa Email, August 20, 2013
Cliniqa Memo, November 5, 2013
Drug Evaluation Classification Program (DECP) Manuals & Material Folder
DRE Training Manuals (sub-folder)
1989 DRE School Student Manual
1991 DRE School Student Manual
1993 DRE Pre-School Student Manual
1993 DRE School Student Manual
1999 DRE School Student Manual
2002 DRE Pre-School Student Manual
2002 DRE School Student Manual
2004 Drugs that Impair Instructor Manual
2004 Drugs that Impair Student Manual
2010 DRE School Student Manual, Part 1
2010 DRE School Student Manual, Part 2
2013 DRE 7 Day Course Instructor Guide
2013 DRE 7 Day Course Participant Manual
2015 DRE Student Manual
2016 DRE Condensed Instructor Development Course, Participant Manual
2017 DRE Condensed Instructor Development Course, Instructor Guide
2018 DRE Instructor Guide
2018 DRE Participant Manual
2018 DRE Pre-School Instructor Guide
2018 DRE Pre-School Participant Manual
Drug Influence Evaluation (sub-folder)
Drug Influence Evaluation Blank Report Form
International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) DRE Standards (sub-folder)
2015 IACP DRE Standards
2016 IACP DRE Standards
2017 IACP DRE Standards
2018 IACP DRE Standards
2020 IACP DRE Standards (April Revision)
2020 IACP DRE Standards (October Revision)
IACP DECP State Coordinators, October, 2019
Recertification and Assurances Form R11/2019
U.S. Department of Transportation Folder
DOT Specimen Custody Form 8/30/21
Forms Folder
AA Attendance Form
Law Enforcement Phlebotomy Folder
NHTSA Publication: Law Enforcement Phlebotomy Toolkit
NHTSA Driving Cues Pamphlet Folder
Cars (sub-folder)
Guide for Detecting Drunk Drivers at Night (HS 805 711)
The Visual Detection of DWI Motorists
Motorcycles (sub-folder)
2005 The Detection of DWI Motorcyclists
2013 The Detection of DWI Motorcyclists
Older Drivers (sub-folder)
1998 Older Drivers Pamphlet
NHTSA Driving, Drugs & BAC Studies Folder
Alcohol, Drugs & Driving Studies (sub-folder)
Drugs & Human Performance Fact Sheet 2014
Drugs & Human Performance Fact Sheet, 2004
Drugs of Abuse in Aviation Fatalities-Marijuana
Effect of Marihuana & Alcohol on Visual Search Performance
Effect of Marihuana Dosage on Driver Performance
Effect of Marihuana and Alcohol on Visual Search Performance
Feasibility of Chemical Testing for Drug Impairment
Field Evaluation of the LAPD Drug Detection Procedure
Field Test of On-Site Drug Detection Devices
Identifying Types of Drug Intoxication
Impact of Legalization & Decriminalization of Marijuana on the DWI System
Institutionalizing the DECP in the United States
Marihuana Contact Test, Evaluation & Development
Marijuana & Actual Driving Performance
Marijuana & Driver Behaviors Among Fatal Operators
Marijuana-Impaired Driving, A Report to Congress
Marijuana, Other Drugs & their Relation to Highway Safety, 1979
Marijuana, Other Drugs & their Relation to Highway Safety, 1980
National Roadside Study of Alcohol & Drug Use by Drivers
NHTSA Extra Eyes Report
The Role of Alcohol, Marijuana & Other Drugs in the Accidents of Injured Drivers, Volume 1
The Role of Alcohol, Marijuana & Other Drugs in the Accidents of Injured Drivers, Volume 2
The Role of Alcohol, Marijuana & Other Drugs in the Accidents of Injured Drivers, Revised
Traffic Safety Culture & Cannabis Use
Visual Search & Urban City Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol & Marijuana
Drug Evaluation Classification Program (DECP) Studies (sub-folder)
Evaluation of the DECP on Enforcement & Adjudication
Field Evaluation of the LAPD Drug Detection Procedure
Institutionalizing the DECP in the United States
Exploring the Predictive Validity of DECP Evaluations
Driving Cues Studies (sub-folder)
Final Report, Visual Detection of DWI, 1980
Interim Report, Visual Detection of DWI, 1979
Michigan Driving Study, 1974
The Detection of DWI at BACs Below .10, Final Report
The Detection of DWI Motorcyclists
DUI-Alcohol Studies (sub-folder)
Alcohol Impairment of Impairment on Steering
Arrest Procedures for Driving While Intoxicated
ASAP Enforcement II
ASAP Enforcement IV
Comparison Study & Evaluation of SCRAM Use, Recidivism & Characteristics
Drunk Driving & Enforcement, An Assessment of Effectiveness
National Roadside Study of Alcohol & Drug Use by Drivers
NHTSA FARS Missing BAC Imputation Method
Open Container Laws & Alcohol Involved Crashes
NHTSA Per Se Laws Review
SCRI Driver Characteristics & Impairment at Various BACs, 2000
State of Knowledge of Alcohol Impaired Research on Repeat DWI Offenders
Survey of DWI Courts
Traffic Safety Facts 2004
Traffic Safety Facts for Motorcycles 2004
Use of Warrants for Breath Test Refusals
Non-Chemically Impaired Driving (sub-folder)
Drowsy Driving Study
Medically Impaired Driving
Roadblocks & Check-Points (sub-folder)
Deterrent Capability of Sobriety Checkpoints
Law Enforcement Use of Sobriety Checkpoints & Saturation Patrols
Roadblock Study, 1992
NHTSA SFST Manuals Folder
1984 NHTSA SFST Student Manual
1987 NHTSA SFST Student Manual, Version1
1987 NHTSA SFST Student Manual, Version2
1992 NHTSA SFST Student Manual
1995 NHTSA SFST Student Manual
2000 NHTSA SFST Student Manual
2002 NHTSA SFST Student Manual
2004 NHTSA SFST Student Manual
2004 NHTSA SFST Refresher Course Instructor Manual
2006 NHTSA SFST Student Manual
2008 NHTSA SFST Refresher Course Participant Manual (8-hour)
2008 NHTSA SFST Refresher Course Participant Manual (4-hour)
2009 NHTSA SFST Student Manual
2013 NHTSA SFST Student Manual
2015 NHTSA SFST Student Manual
2015 NHTSA SFST Refresher Course Instructor Guide
2015 NHTSA SFST Refresher Course Participant Manual
2018 NHTSA SFST Student Manual
2018 NHTSA SFST Refresher Course Instructor Guide
2018 NHTSA SFST Refresher Course Participant Manual
2018 NHTSA SFST Refresher Course PowerPoint (sub-folder)
2018 NHTSA SFST Refresher Course PowerPoint
2018 Optional Session—Legal Issues (sub-folder)
2018 DWI Detection PowerPoint Lesson Plan Parts 1-18 (sub-folder)
NHTSA SFST Validation Studies Folder
Marine Environment Studies (sub-folder)
Marine Environment FST Draft Study, 1987
Marine Environment FST Study, 1990
NHTSA SFST Validation Studies (sub-folder)
1977 Psychophysical Tests for DWI Arrests
1980 The Visual Detection of Driving While Intoxicated
1981 Development and Field test of Psychophysical Tests for DWI Arrests (SCRI)
1983 Field Evaluation of a Behavioral Test Battery for DWI
1995 Colorado SFST Validation Study
1997 Florida SFST Validation Study
1998 San Diego SFST Validation Study
Other SFST Evaluations (sub-folder)
An Assessment of Behavioral Tests to Detect Impaired Drivers, 1981
NHTSA Videos Folder
Driving & Checkpoints (sub-folder)
NHTSA Use of Sobriety Checkpoints for DUI (video)
NHTSA Visual Detection of DWI Motorists (Early Version) (video)
NHTSA Visual Detection of DWI Motorists (Later Version) (video)
Motorcycles (sub-folder)
NHTSA Detection of DWI Motorcyclists (Early Version) (video)
NHTSA Detection of DWI Motorcyclists (Later Version) (video)
SFST Training Videos (sub-folder)
NHTSA SFST (video)
HGN (video)
One-Leg-Stand (video)
Walk-and-Turn (video)
Kansas State-Specific Material Folder
Breath Alcohol Evaluations Email
CMI Contract Award
CMI Contract Offer
Confidentiality Memo
DataMaster Proposal
EBT Comparison
Evaluation Data
Final Assessment & Award Recommendation
Intox 8000 Purchase Addendum
Intox 8000 Purchase Requisition
Kansas Intox 8000 Evaluation
KDHE Breath Alcohol program Training Manual-Intoxilyzer 9000 (2021)
Request for Proposal Memo
Request for Proposal-Original
Request for Proposal-Rough Draft
Suggested Vendor List
Tab Sheet & Cost Comparison
Technical Evaluation Review

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