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Litigating Child Restraint Cases - Lawyers & Judges Publishing Company, Inc.

Litigating Child Restraint Cases

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  • Author: Joseph W. Moch, Arthur Borja
  • ISBN 10: 0-884500-94-2
  • ISBN 13: 978-0-884500-94-0
  • Copyright Date Ed: October 4, 1993
  • Pages: 575 pages
  • Binding Information: Hardcover
  • Size: 6 ✕ 9 Inches (US)

Rising auto accident fatalities and injuries have made this book a necessary part of any library for personal injury and product liability lawyers, and accident reconstructionists. This book provides a broad overview of all aspects of litigation involving child restraint devices right down to sample forms to guide you step-by-step from the first client interview to the settlement or trial.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Introduction to Child Restraint Devices
Historical Analysis
What Are Child Restraint Devices?
Types of Child Restraints
Infant Carriers
Convertible Car Seats
Toddler Car Seats or Child Restraints
Booster Car Seats
Integrated Car Seats

Chapter 2. Use, Misuse, and Defects Associated with Child Restraint Devices
How Are Child Restraints Used?
Three-Point Versus Five-Point Child Restraint Systems
Testing of Child Restraints
How the Testing Sled Works
Misuse of Child Restraints
Selecting a Child Restraint
Formula for Effective Child Restraint in Vehicles

Chapter 3. Federal Legislation
Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards
Standard No. 208: Occupant Crash Protection
Federal Preemption of State Common Law Claims
Alternatives to Current Federal and State Laws

Chapter 4. Current State Legislation
Development of Child Restraint Legislation
Perfecting and Standardizing Child Restraint Legislation
Current State Laws

Chapter 5. Trends in Legislation

Chapter 6. Recalls and Defects

Chapter 7. Taking on the Child Restraint Case
Initial Interview
Client Intake Sheet
Accident/Injury Information
Employment Information
Military Information
Educational Background
Prior Injuries or Claims
Medical Information
Spouse's Employment Information
Personal Injury Cases and Contingency Fees
Retainer Contract: Contingency
Rejecting the Claim
Hourly Attorney Fee Retainer Contract
File Organization
Investigating the Case: Starting with the Vehicle
Physics 101
Types of Crashes
Solving the Puzzle
Notice to Defendant
Filing the Complaint
Sample Complaint
Representative Cases

Chapter 8. Discovery in Defective Child Restraint Cases
Interrogatories State Restrictions on Interrogatories
Sample Interrogatories
Depositions: Preparing the Client Purpose of Depositions
Appearance at Deposition
How to Be an Effective Witness

Chapter 9. Child Restraints In Commercial Aircraft
The FAA Decision
New Legislation
The FAA's Head Injury Standard
New Designs

Chapter 10. Considering the Automobile Manufacturers

Chapter 11. Technological Innovations vConclusion

Chapter 12. Probate Issues: Dealing with Minors and Wrongful Death
Next Friend Appointment Petition
Appointment Petition

Chapter 13. Patents
Representative Child Safety Seat Patents

Glossary of Technical Terms
Advocate Groups
1993 Child Passenger Safety Symposium



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Customer Reviews

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Law and Order
Law and Order

...Is not only for personal injury and product liability lawyers, it's a great one for accident reconstructionists and officers who investigate traffic accidents involving young occupants.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review

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