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Motorcycle Accident Reconstruction and Litigation, Fourth Edition PDF eBook - Lawyers & Judges Publishing Company, Inc.

Motorcycle Accident Reconstruction and Litigation, Fourth Edition PDF eBook

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  • Author: Kenneth S. Obenski, Paul F. Hill, Eric S. Shapiro, Jack C. Debes
  • PDF eBook

Learn motorcycle accident reconstruction techniques from the experienced authors of this book. The special mechanics of riding a motorcycle and the way a motorcycle performs mechanically are explained in nontechnical terms. Quasi-motorcycles are compared and contrasted with standard motorcycles to acquaint the reader with their similarities and differences. Rider safety considerations and human factors issues such as conspicuity, evasive action, warning to the rider, and rider experience and training are discussed in detail. Visual perception and injury biomechanics are given extensive coverage. A wide variety of motorcycle accidents are reconstructed and explained to illustrate the most useful, successful and often specialized techniques for reconstructing these accidents.

The legal aspects of motorcycle use are thoroughly covered, including helmet laws, negligence, laws governing accidents, accidents on public and private property, trespassing, warnings, roadway defects, motorcycle defects, injury to passengers, and Dram Shop liability in DUI cases. Case examples are included for each topic. These case studies have been revised, updated and expanded to include the most recent information for this fifth edition.


  • Mechanical aspects of motorcycles
  • Motorcycle operations
  • Quasi-motorcycles
  • Accident investigation techniques and methods
  • Collisions with backing, parked, stalled, disabled or slow vehicles
  • Collisions with pedestrians
  • Collisions with domestic and wild animals
  • Collisions with moving vehicles
  • Collisions at intersections
  • Motorcycle and other vehicle meeting
  • Motorcycle or driver overtaking
  • Rider behavior and human factors issues
  • Motorcycle injury biomechanics
  • Visual perception and conspicuity
  • Rider protection and safety
  • Defects in public roads
  • Defects on private land
  • Warnings
  • Helmets: compulsory use
  • Helmets: negligence for not wearing
  • Product liability
  • Entrustment and supervision
  • Passengers and negligence
  • Release of liability when participating in motorcycle events
  • Negligence of servers of alcohol in motorcycle DUI cases

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