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Roadway Through the MUTCD PDF eBook

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  • Author: Archie C. Burnham Jr., Richard A. Luettich, Peter S. Parsonson, Bernard S. Abrams
  • ISBN 10: 0-913875-51-1
  • ISBN 13: 978-0-913875-51-3
  • Copyright Date Ed: June 29, 2001
  • Pages: 99 pages
  • PDF eBook

A compact yet comprehensive summary handbook with training, testing, and experiments covering proper use of the Millennium Edition of the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices. This invaluable guide simplifies and catalogs the new Millennium Edition of the MUTCD for easy and ready access. In addition, it enhances specialized study of specific information in order to assure a thorough and complete analysis of any given portion of the Manual. This is your training manual for understanding and using the nearly 1,000 pages of the Millenium Edition MUTCD.

Topics covered:

  • General provisions
  • Signs
  • Markings
  • Highway traffic signals
  • Low-volume roads
  • Temporary traffic control
  • School areas
  • Highway-rail grade crossings
  • Bicycle facilities
  • Highway-light rail transit grade crossings
  • Daubert challenge to expert testimony

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