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Pedestrian Accident Reconstruction and Litigation, Second Edition CD - Lawyers & Judges Publishing Company, Inc.

Pedestrian Accident Reconstruction and Litigation, Second Edition DVD

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The source you need when working with these complex cases.

Accidents involving pedestrians and cars frequently cause collision damage, injuries, and even death. Reconstruction can pose a unique challenge for you and your colleagues, due to the complex mechanics of collision. The abundant physical evidence found in vehicle-to-vehicle collisions is scarce in pedestrian collisions.

The text covers everything from the mechanics of collisions to state-of-the-art accident research and investigative photography. You will find out how fast individuals in different age groups walk, jog and run and the reasons why some people place themselves in danger on freeways and busy thoroughfares.

An important legal analysis section, added by Paul Hill, Esq., provides the attorney or engineer with a comprehensive resource to aid in investigating, evaluating, and settling or litigating claims arising from pedestrian accidents. This section is based on appellate case research.

Pedestrian Accident Reconstruction and Litigation contains a 1008-page book on DVD.


  • Alcohol or drug impaired drivers and pedestrians
  • Child, aged, infant and blind pedestrians
  • Computer programs
  • Crash test documentation
  • Determination of pedestrian speeds
  • Equations of pedestrian/bicycle collisions
  • Human factors
  • Liability of vehicle seller and unauthorized use
  • Liability of private landowners
  • Pedestrian collision investigation
  • Pedestrians in crosswalks
  • Pedestrians not in crosswalks
  • Pedestrian and driver behavior
  • Pedestrians at disabled vehicles or accident scenes
  • Pedestrian injuries and fatalities
  • Pedestrians standing or walking on or along roadways
  • Pedestrians lawfully working on roadways
  • Pedestrian throw distance and sliding friction rates
  • Secondary collisions and other remote causes
  • State, city or school district liability
  • The eye and visual process
  • Vehicle backing

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